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Flaunt Fine Jewelry was founded in 2020 in Singapore to celebrate woman who appreciate the finest things in life. It’s a way for women to share and create their stories. An extension and expression of their personality, and a way to celebrating both defining moments and the simple beauty of everyday. 


We empower our customers to embrace their unique side with affordable, high-quality jewelry inspired by beauty, power and strength. Each handmade piece is designed for women who appreciate simplicity but demand luxury. 


Our designers are always experimenting with the classics, adding their own twist and perspective. The collection is constantly updated with new drops, giving everyone a chance to find the pieces that speak to them.


And to really take things to a whole new level, we make each piece of jewelry after we collect your order because what we believe is Fine Jewelry should be made specially for you as in the old times so it can have a special meaning to add to your life style.


If you cannot find any of our pieces that suite you, or you might have something else in your mind, just send us a  message  and see if you could help. Even if you have a sketch of your own, send it to us, we will make it happen for you.

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